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back to school.   
10:05pm 31/08/2004
  i probly wont be up dating as much any more due to the fact that my computer sucks and so does verizon high speed internet. im switching back to comcast soon. in order for me to access live journal it takes about a 10 minute process. my internet browser doesnt even work any more so i some how found a way to access internet through windows explorer.

but on a better note. school is back. tommorow will be the third day. my schedual is abnormally large. and more than half my classes are study halls. i also dont have a science class. whoever put the great valley scheduals together completly butchered mine. it should all be fixed soon though. hopefully.

i hope to go to Rx Bandits on the 7th. I think its tuesday though, so im not sure if the folks will let me. we'll see.
im going to sleep.
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01:59pm 28/07/2004
  hey dudes and dudets. im back from the shore for 4 and 3/4 days on account of a lack of sfs practice and an awesome show saturday night at the stadium grille in exton. so come. please. bp2d (band practice today). sean should be pulling in my driveway to pick me up right now. yup there he is.

11:25am 27/06/2004
mood: creative
hey guys. i found a computer for a bit, but its a lap top and the battery is about to die. so i will make it fast. well... hm. not much to say at all except that i am having fun in avalon. and i hope you guys are all taking advantage of your summers. i should start my summer reading soon. but i probly wont. sean called me the other day from mexico to notify me of some new sfs shows. he sounds like hes having fun. pat just notified me of new tdt songs on purevolume. i got a bike at a used bike shop. its hot as sheet. its all baby blue and from the mid 70's mint condition. i love the baby blue seat the best. its a schwin (spelling?). well i am gunna go now. but have fun doin watcha all do best...
, cody.
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schools out forever.   
12:26pm 21/06/2004
mood: excited
well, somewhere within the next hour i will be leaving for Avalon, New Jersey for the next 3 months of summer as i do every year. yesterday we all arived for more sfs recording to find only that sean went to mexico without telling any of us. so we still have to do vocals, hes gunna be gone for close to a month.

i am probly not going to be updating as often anymore due to the fact that it it difficult for me to access a computer there, but i will do the best i can do.
(this is where i would normally say seeyah. but derek told me its anoying to him, so i cant do that, can i? nope.)
, cody.
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living large and sipping on slushies.   
09:44pm 17/06/2004
mood: ecstatic
done for good. well actually just three months. oh shit i ame] excited. fucking summmer! this remindes me of an old six foot smurf song called summer anthem. i get to sleep in on monday and tommorow while the rest of my family will be waking up around 6:00am for either school or work. oh god yes. now this is the sound of settling. incredible song. christxcore. today was fun as shit. hung out with sam and raffi most of the day. from about 9:30am - 4:00-ish. yo im outty,
, cody.
what six fooot smurf member am i?   
05:36pm 16/06/2004
You're Cody! You are the other half of the horn
section for SFS with the Saxophone. You are
cool and down to earth. Good for you!

Which member of Six Foot Smurf are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
figures! but that picture is discusting. very flattering to whoever made this quiz. thanks a lot. but ew! that picture. all sweaty and gross. doesnt even look like me now.
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03:20pm 16/06/2004
  sean, sam, raffi and i had fun at the mall and at ross after finals.

sean, raffi, and sam. sam makes it look way to realistic.

, cody.
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dad, you dont know the half of it this time.   
11:29am 16/06/2004
mood: anxious
i got out of school at 9:30 today. i had my math final and spanish, but my soanish teacher had us take the test a week early so i only had math. booyah. one more hour left of school.
, cody.
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sweet marie theres a whole where your heart should be.   
04:40pm 15/06/2004
  havent done any pictures for a while so i thought i would do three. they all suck but just trying to attract attention. oh and by the way, sam made a live journal today. it is as follows: i_am_so_zen i dont think hes posted yet, but he should soon. so friend and be friended. maybe. or u can just get stabed in the throat.

im gunna dance the night away now uh oh.Collapse )
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onward until we figure out.   
09:21pm 13/06/2004
mood: cheerful
so so so so friday my family left for the shore and let me stay at home alone. serious awesomeness. sam and marcuz came over at around 8 ish we danced to the anniversary naked for a few hours. seriously. we all saw eachothers penis's. marcus is so huge oh my god. we now have two nick names for him: "monster cock" and "porno penis". i made both. god im good. well then i ordered pizza the pizza man came right before raffi, christine, christy, and allison. i went upstairs to get something in my room to then walk downstairs to see all of the pizza gone. assholes. well after that was alright. everyone slept over. pretty fun. next morning sean woke us all up at 9:00 after us all staying up till 4:00AM, well anyways sean wakes all up by knocking on the door repetedly and yelling cody! i open the door to see that all he wants it to show me his new pogo stick, which i may add is incredible. eh he left after i saw it. i slept like another 15 minutes and than everyone left at arounf 10:30-11. sean picked me up. saturday day was so awesome. i started eating meat again. i guess i just figured i have been going for four months now and i have proven to my self that i can do it, and i really like the taste of meat and i think its awesome regardless of the horrible ways they kill animals. eh, too bad im a carnivore. well we went to mcdonnalds drive-thru and ate. we then went to the Paoli GoodSam Fair. incredible. it was pretty much a big flee market. i loved it so much. there was way to much good stuff to even look at. well sean acquired a new synth. a casio. its really awesome. and i acquired the origional Mr. Potato Head, a poloroid camera and a new super8mm film camera. it is so nice. its one of the ones with three lenses. all of my stuff was six dollars all together. sooooooo good. then we picked up sam around 6:30 and headed to the wayne train station show. it was pretty good. tdt is improving a lot. i liked their new song a lot. today sfs recorded about 4 songs. far from done. than i came home and finished my history final essay. than pat IMed me to say that he had found a 8mm camera in his attic that i can have. so cool. now i am up to 4 super 8mm cameras. god i love film.
i can do a bar spin, no hands, and nothings on seans pogo stick. pogo is the best. sean and i are starting our pogo team back up. its called 'Pogo-X!!'. it is the best team. i must admit that sean it getting much better at pogo. im outty! PEACE!
, cody.
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02:06pm 10/06/2004
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you know that if you're not beautifle, just cover it up.   
01:53pm 10/06/2004
mood: pissed at that mother fucker!
in chemestry right now. i dont aprecciate, respect, or liek anbody in this class. i dont like it much, but what are yah gunna do. walking to this class i stopped by the locker room to visit ben. while there one of the gym teaching morons, Mr. Schults (my disciplinarian), stopped me and gave me two detentions for skipping one. i was already late for class, so so i simply told him that and said could we please do this another time. he told me to stop talking back and that if i didnt stay he would write me up. what a jock ass fucking prick shit. i hate all gym teachers. god now i was late for this class. i hate him so much. i really hope he gets hit by a car while instructing a class. what a dick fuck. now i have a final after two of the three half days of finals next week. well, only two more days of classes left and than i am done after finals. thursday if my last day. thank the jesus christ super star.
, cody.
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tuwit tuwooh   
08:18pm 08/06/2004
mood: mellow
just got back from dinner at applebeese. it was alright. sean and sam came over today. sean and i tried to jam a bit with me on sax and him on trombone. we uploaded a few sfs songs from the tape. sounds alright. four more days till schools end. cannot wait at all. sfs records sunday. i wanted to use the potato launcher really bad today, but we forgot. oh well. tired as shits ass. i have to study for my spanish finial.
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last night, everything was right. when you wake up i'll be gone.   
09:37pm 03/06/2004
mood: impressed
today was extremly fun for a thursday. i hund out with pat and andrew at subway and movies you buy. i rode my gorilla skooter around. i made up so many awesome tricks. i rock. i have to come up with a name for it. if i do name it, i am also definatly naming the gorilla on the foot plate. i was thinking about coco and nessy, but im still not sure yet. the get up kids rule the world.
, cody.
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i can tell by the look in your big brown eyes.   
09:34pm 02/06/2004
mood: content
sfs did a rough, but good recording at practice yestersday. we only got like 3 songs done. sounds alright. i think we will use em for pure volume. yesterday sean and i made the best video in the world for his health project. its of him having sex with himself, but the second himself has a red hood and a curly cue mustache on. he also speaks in a roguh lumber-jack type voice. i love it so much. i must have watched it at least 15 times during school today. fuuunnny. the seniors had their last day of classes yesterday. no good senior prank. some guy jumped in front of the camera during the morning announcements in a monkey outfit. sucked ass. i have so much spanish homework to do. im not sure im gunna go to school tomorrow. bye.
, cody.
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and i'll walk slowly and i'll never forget how the music stoped towards the feel of your breath.   
06:40pm 26/05/2004
mood: happy
just got finished watching Big Fish. great movie. Tim Burton is really good. if you have seen it you know what i am talking about, but holy fucking shit, that one guy is sooooooo fucking tall. i dont get it. his hands alone were like 5 feet long. holy god. 80Ds practice fell through today. i missed might have sax lessons in about an hour an a half. i need to practice. i need to put some pictures up soon. my eljay is starting to get real boring real fast. half day tomorrow at school. i might not even go 'cause all we are gunna do is have an hour long first period and than 3 hours of a senior class awards assembely. sucks. then there is no school friday or monday. show on satuday at sacred grounds in fallsington. my family is going away from thursday to sunday night. i need to throw a big fat party. they wont let me stay at the house alone thought because last time they let my sister do that the house got robbed. what bitches. (my parents). also, more people that have been big fat bitches lately are the seniors at great valley high school. there is supposed to be a senior prank every year. i heard so many roumors this week of what they were gunna do, most of them were awesome ideas. but did they end up doing? they let five mice loose today. what a shitty senior prank. i dont think anyone even saw them. it was probly durring classes. those stupid idiots. well i am hoping something better is gunna pop up or else im gunna have to get my posse together to do one ourselves to try and save the tradition. god my class is gunna have the best senior prank in the world. seans driving to school tomorrow. hes picking me up. that should be fun. listening to a hippos mix tape coming out of one fuzzy speaker in the back of his jeep at seven o'clock in the morning. yep. well i am outta hur.
, cody.
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drove north where i found you waiting in demoin.   
04:19pm 24/05/2004
mood: rejuvenated
i got in my anniversary cd from ebay today. i am so excited. its 'Designing a Nervous Breakdown'. best album name ever. i dont understand how five people can creat such amazing music. god, it is truely incredible. i love the anniversary more than a lot of things. and that is a lot. i wish they never broke up so bad. god dammit, think of a new reason to break up other than saying "we just went our seperate ways." fuck u cunt bag. jk i love the anniversary. i do think its a bit conceided of Josh (lead singer) to name his new band after him though. they should just leave it as 'The Holy Ghosts." whatev. they are insane. im gunna go kiss my cd and dream. i finished this new flash intro that i made for the site. im not sure if sean wants to use it though. we'll see.
, cody.

p.s. if anyone has any anniversary shirts buttons, patches, etc. they wanna sell or give, then please notify me immediatly. i need an anniversary shirt so bad since their merch section isnt up on the site anymore.
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10:45pm 23/05/2004
  on saturday morning sean picked me up and took me to place that has a plane museum in west chester. his mom was there. his moms friend was there. she had a personal airplane of her own. she took us flying over west chester and great valley highschool. too many turns = cody passing out for a few seconds with a barf bag over his mouth. i got sick. but no vomit. if i did have to vomit i wish it would have been perjectile.
, cody.
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take this sinking ship.   
11:01pm 21/05/2004
mood: tired
school lead to sam, dan, raffi, christa and sean comming over. that lead to me introducing them to el vagy de fakey. that lead to going to westchester for about an hour, which soon lead to going to king of prussia, wich lead to sean telling us to get off at the wrong exit like a dicky dope and raffi, sam and i almost landing ourselves in philly. but we saved ourselves and made it back safley. than we lost sean and went to my house. derek and marrybeth called for us to pick them up at the exton mall. we did so. dropped MB off and brought the boys back to my house. we played games and got really tired and started to laugh at everything out of absolout tiredness. this lead to derek eventually getting picked up, raffi leaving, and sam walking home. alright night. changing moods. we also went to west chester book and music. amazing store. now i am at home in front of my computer alone, eating chinese food. i wish it was japanese.bed is next.
, cody.
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who would have thought it would be this way.   
06:22pm 19/05/2004
mood: complacent
long time no update. well so far the only thing exciting the past week was that yesterday sean got his driver license. so now we it much easier to get from place to place. he comes over more on weekdays now. fun. i need to go to philly this weekend. oh god i just remembered taht i have 30 notecards due on friday for english. shit. we had 80Ds practice today. it was pretty good. we finished one song, and started a new awesome song. it sounds like a more fun and silly RX BANDITS. they are really good. just had to say. another artist that is realy good is Thin Lizzy. you may also know from his 1980's classic, "The Boys Are Back In Town." sax lessons soon. im gunna go practice.
, cody.
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